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    Empowering communities through sustainable water solutions
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    We are developing novel electrochemistry based technology
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    Our technology is chemical-free and does not produce solid or liquid waste
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    Creating innovative, reliable and affordable technologies for the worlds water needs

Welcome to Viridis Research

Who We Are

About Viridis Research-published

Viridis Research is focused on providing practical, resilient, and sustainable solutions for both consumers and communities facing the most difficult water treatment challenges. Viridis products and technology, help reduce plastic pollution reaching our local waters; cleans and reuses a homeowner or communities’ limited water sources; and safety treats the most stubborn organic pollutants such as dyes, pesticides, and other toxic compounds. Viridis unique water treatment technology and experience lets us scale and seamlessly integrate our technology into existing infrastructure. At Viridis Research our goal is to provide inclusive water treatment products and services that empowers anyone that needs them, regardless of where they come from. Everyone has the right to safe, clean, and sufficient water and we are here to make this dream into a reality 


We believe global access to clean and affordable water is not a dream, but a reality.


Viridis Research was founded to help ensure communities around the world can get safe, clean and sufficient water, through electrochemical water treatment technologies. As well as to empower those communities by providing the tools and knowledge required to solve their own future water issues. 

The Team

At Viridis we have assembled a a group of world-class highly experienced scientists and engineers focused on solving the most complex water pollution challenges. We have decades of experience bringing ambitious new products and ideas to life. While at the same time guiding our ventures to successful exits and investor returns. Because we know it’s possible to do good and make money at the same time!

Macarena Cataldo-Hernandez Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

Ricardo-Indoor-Headshot-waist up

Ricardo Rivera-Acevedo Ph.D.

Founder & COO

Chang Han J.D.

IP & Legal Advisor

Shannon Bard Headshot

Shannon Bard Ph.D.

Marine & Cleantech Advsior


Anna Posacka Ph.D.

Microplastics Advisor

Clay Braziller B.Eng, MBA

Manufacturing & Commercialization

Too good to be true?

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    rm212 - 2176 Health Science Mall

    604-440-0186; 604-762-2954

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