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    Our technology is chemical-free and does not produce solid or liquid waste

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We believe global access to clean and affordable water is not a dream, but a reality.


Despite a relatively small population Canadian per capita water consumption exceeds every other country except the US. On average this comes to 400 L of fresh water per person per day, every day. With 75% (300 L) of water consumption coming from showers / baths, sinks and washing machines. Not only are the greywaters produced by these sources going directly into sewers or septic tanks but carried with them are around 878 tonnes of microplastics (weight of 10 blue whales) entering fresh and marine waters throughout North America. Leading to catastrophic environmental and health effects for life on earth.

We founded Viridis Research to help solve this problem by creating technology that treats and recycles greywater reducing water consumption >50% and completely degrading microplastic pollution at the source. Our technology directs the water coming from sinks, showers/baths, and washing machines towards our Viridis Water Treatment Centre, which separates the larger particles, while the remaining organic / polymer-based pollutants are completely degraded inside our electrochemical reactor. The purified water can then be used immediately for flushing toilets or stored for land irrigation and firefighting. This technology does not require additional chemicals or produce solid or liquid waste, making it ideally suited for protecting local fish and wildlife.

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